chapter 01, p6

She looked into the ditch but could see only a few inches into the drain. Water draining underground? she thought. A breeze, a whisper. The scratching whisper grew stronger, vibrating out from the drain. Read the rest of this entry


chapter 01, p5

She got out of the car.

I don’t like this. Let’s just get out of here. You’re hearing things. Read the rest of this entry

chapter 01, p4

Alister cocked her head to one side. Did you hear that? she said. A moment ago? She steered the car up the bank and slowly turn right on a darkened farmroad craning down around the next hill without acknowledging she had heard Tommy’s protesting, letting her slow pacing convey her curiosity to her husband. Read the rest of this entry

chapter 01, p3

Tommy looked out from under his hood at the open farmland partially illuminated by their headlamps. He jerked to and glanced out the window on either side. He had no idea. Nothing looked familiar outside of the city. He began to say something, pointing out one window while looking out the other, then stopped himself. Read the rest of this entry